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You Should Know This About Hooks For Surf Fishing

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You Should Be Using Circle Hooks For These Reasons

You probably already know that circle hooks are designed in such a way that they always hook the fish in the corner of the mouth but do you know why that happens?  The curve in the hook prevents it from becoming lodged as the fish tries to swallow it. Instead it slides forward and hooks them in the corner of the mouth as they try to swim away.

With a circle hook you shouldn’t try to set the hook when a fish strikes. You want the fish to take your bait and swim away with it. The fish actually sets the hook for you by swimming away. This is important because surf anglers usually have their rods sitting in a sand spike waiting for a strike. They are not prepared to set the hook on a strike and they don’t need to.

The fish does all the work for you. It’s not like other types of fishing where you are holding the rod waiting to set the hook when a fish strikes.

Circle hooks are also good because they can prevent a bite off from fish with sharp teeth because their teeth don’t get a chance to come in contact with the line.

Believe It Or Not Brand New Hooks Do Not Come Sharpened

The diagram below shows a brand new hook that has never been used.

Sharpened Circle Hook

Most anglers think that new hooks are already sharp when they buy them. They check the point but never look closely at the hook. The point isn’t the only part of the hook that should be sharp. Your hooks should be kept sharp to get a good hook set.

Some fish have a hard mouth like Tarpon. If you don’t have a sharp hook you won’t get a good hook set and the fish will throw the hook.

I hope you’re checking your hooks each time before you go out. Saltwater being very corrosive will rust a hook in short order and dull the edge.

A Circle Hook Can’t Be Sharpened With A Flat File Or Stone

Properly Sharpened Hook

Circle hooks have a curved point which prevents it from being sharped with a flat file or stone. Since the area to be sharpened is not very big you need a small round or half round file similar to a jewelers file.

This is what I use to sharpen my hooks. I bought it on Amazon. It comes with 1 flat, 1 round, 1 square, 1 flat taper and 1 square-and-half round files. Plus it has a lifetime warranty. Click the image to see it on Amazon

Hook Sharpening Set

This file set is available in regular steel or with a diamond surface. I bought the diamond surface because it has the ability to work on carbide, glass, marble, stone, hardened steel and other difficult to file materials.

It comes in handy for other applications as well.

5 Responses to You Should Know This About Hooks For Surf Fishing

  • Great information thanks. I enjoy all your emails I’ve been fishing since I was a kid and now I’m 69 and I learn something new with each email. Thanks, Al Sabella

  • I found this to be true while fishing in fla.

  • Great information about sharpening circle hooks. I have had very good luck with these hooks in landing bull red drum in the surf. If they are over slot size, they can be release immediately with little injury.

  • One of your best articles…gracias!

  • Thanks Randy! I have been using Circle hooks because I was told to do
    so. Now I know why! Great tip on sharpening those hooks too!