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Learn surf fishing with me. Here in Florida you can surf fish practically on any beach. Although some beaches do have restrictions where there are a lot of swimmers. For the most part if there aren’t any life guards then you can probably fish there without a problem.

In this video I’m fishing with artificial bait. I caught a lot of fish that day too. Usually on this beach I fish around the high tide because it’s very shallow at low tide.

When I arrived at 7 AM the tide was coming in and reached high tide about 9:30. I caught at least a dozen fish before the tide peaked. Most of them were Spots and Croakers with a few Whiting mixed in. All in all I had a blast. They kept me pretty busy as you’ll see in the video

16 Responses to Teach Me Surf Fishing

  • Great vid Randy. I look forward to watching more.


  • Thanks for sharing . Waiting for the next one. Will support you by replying back to you and hopefully you can get some ads to cover Your cost. Thanks again.
    Bill Walt

  • hey randy, i did enjoy your tape and i catch anything that bites, big or small, when i complain about the fish being too small, i have a buddy that tells me that i like butterbeans, so shut up and fish. i have never used artifical bait while surfing, but i will now, thanks for the video and the email
    and keep those tips pouring in……….bobby

  • Randy enjoy your tape I don’t catch many but I just enjoy going to the beach and fish.
    Love surfing I live in Arecibo Puerto Rico on the beach the best years
    Looking forward for tips

  • I see we are not very far from where you were, maybe 15-20 minutes north. Maybe we will meet someday. Thank you for sharing, way better than the hootin and hollerin ones.

  • Thanks for sharing. I’m in California and we have lots of similarities. Looking forward to more stuff.

  • Thx Randy. Great video. Sure kept you busy when both rods went off. Would you give close up of the artificial bait? Was it Gulp! Didn’t look like the package. Also were you using a hi low rig? Thx. Tight lines. Lorne

    • I was using Fishbites for bait. It’s 10x better than gulp in this situation. The rig I used was a dropper loop which is probably the same as a high low rig. It’s about 30 inches of fluorocarbon leader, has 2 – 2/0 hooks with a pyramid sinker at the bottom.

  • Randy, I surf fish here in Delaware great video alot of fish action. I have 300 yd 17 lbs mono line on all my reels still catch sharks and big rays just makes it more of a challeng to bring into the surf. looking forward for more videos.


  • Just watched your surf fishing videos. Thank you. Both are informative and very well done.

    I was envious of your cart/lawn chair multi purpose device. So much better than anything I have seen. Can you provide particulars?

    Also what Fishbites flavors work best for you for Whiting/Croaker and also Pompano?

    Stuart, Fl

    • Norm, Thanks for watching my vid. Glad you liked it.

      I got my surf buggy from Amazon. Here’s link for the Collapsible Beach Chair & Cart if your interested.

      I like it because it’s light weight and easy to get my gear to the beach. My favorite Fishbites is shrimp but they all work great.

  • Love the video cant wait for the next one.What type of lure did you use?

  • Randy, I enjoyed watching your video clip on surf casting. Do you use Braid or Monofilament line? Also do you use a leader (30 inch) only between main line and hook for the 2, 2/0 size hooks? What about the line that you tie to your pyramid sinker? What breaking strength you select for the Sinker?

    • I only use braid. Yes I used a leader (surf rig) made with 60 lb test fluorocarbon. The reason for the 60 lb test is so I could use a 6 oz. pyramid sinker in rough surf to hold the bottom better. As a general rule your shock leader should be rated at 10 lb for each ounce of sinker. In other words 60 lb test for 6 ounces of lead.