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How The Three C’s Will Make You More Successful At Surf Fishing


There’s a lot to learn about surf fishing but if you can just remember to apply the three C’s I promise it will make you more successful catching fish from the beach.

Is it possible that all this time you’ve been focusing on the wrong things?

Yes it could be possible if you are focusing on too many things. I say this because there’s so much to remember when you’re first getting started that it’s easy to overlook a small important detail that trips you up. Even if you’re more experienced something minor can still affect your results.

So let’s get into the 3 C’s

The First C is Consistency

Think about being consistent. Have a routine that you do to prepare to go fishing. If you don’t get to go often keep a checklist of prep activities before you go and another for the beach to select a good spot.

Even if you are more experienced a checklist will keep you from forgetting something. Upon arriving at the beach and you discover that you forgot something, it throws you off your game. It might even spoil the trip if it’s a necessary item.

If you follow a consistent routine it becomes second nature and something you don’t have to think about.

The Next C Is Confidence

Confidence is a state of mind. It develops with experience and comes from previous successes. Even if you never caught a fish before in your life you can approach it with a positive attitude.

Just the fact that you carry a positive attitude will make you more confident. Don’t let your mind set you up for failure.

If you didn’t catch any fish on a particular trip it doesn’t me you won’t pack the cooler on the next one. It’s more about the Law Of Numbers than anything else.

I personally think that your confidence has a lot to do with how lucky you seem to be. The mind is a powerful thing. Henry Ford once said, “If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right”.

The Third C Is Be Calculating

To be calculating I mean take the time to work out the best chance of catching fish before you go out. Check the weather. Look up the tides for your location.

Go over your equipment. Is everything in good order? What about your tackle? Are you running low or completely out of something you should have on hand? Review the 7 Surf Fishing Action Steps Guaranteed To Catch More & Bigger Fish

Attend to the details and the big things will take care of themselves.

Actually There’s A 4th C But You Don’t Have To Remember It

The fourth C is Competency. If you practice the 3 C’s you will automatically become more competent. Your success rate will improve and you will catch more and bigger fish.

Go surf fishing as often as you can because the more you go, the more you know.

Good Luck!



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