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My new favorite rig is the Mortician Rig. I first learned about this surf fishing rig from another surf angler. He calls himself the Mortician on a forum I frequent and he came up with this rig he calls the Mortician Rig.

My regular surf rigs are usually made with 60# fluorocarbon leader. The reason I use the heavier leader material is so I can use up to 6 ounce sinkers if needed for bigger surf conditions. Since you never know what the surf will be like until you see it, I like to have a leader that’s strong enough to handle anything from 3 ounce up to 6 ounce sinker.

In a previous post I explained that I spool my reels with 65# braid so I don’t require a separate shock leader. I never liked the way it feels when the shock leader knot goes through the last eye on the tip of my rod. The  65# braid serves as my shock leader and main line with no knot to worry about.

The problem with a 60# dropper loop rig is that you can’t down size the hooks for those surf fish that have smaller mouths. The Mortician Ring solves that problem because it will accept any size hook without sacrificing the strength of the leader.

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I have three different ways of getting my gear to the beach. Which one I use depends on the situation and the purpose.

Method #1 – Hit & Run/Lean & Mean

Surf Rod And Bucket

This is good when I’m trying out potential spots, new locations or monitoring seasonal transitions. I bring a minimal amount of gear. I’m very mobile and not planning to spend a lot of time in any one spot.

This method is best used for exploratory when you’re not familiar with a location or haven’t been out in awhile. You can try several locations in a short amount of time

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