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Surf Casting

Surf casting distance is important but is it necessary to catch big fish from the surf? It’s quite common to think “bigger fish”… deeper water. Even myself as a youngster growing up, I was under the impression that the best fish would be in the deepest water. So it was my goal at the time to cast as far as I could.

Even now, in my 60’s, I still try to cast as far as possible. I’m not really sure why because I know better. I guess old habits just die hard.

Big Fish Aren’t Always In Deep Water

Not everyone who loves the sport of surf fishing has the ability to cast 60, 70 or 100 yards. Maybe they have an injury or just lack the skill. Whatever the reason is, I’m here to say it doesn’t necessarily matter.

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Surf Fishing Beach Structure
Surf fishing the structure and knowing what to look for is key to finding the fish. When you’re new to surf fishing all the water looks the same but once you can identify different kinds of structure it changes everything.

When I say look for the structure, what comes to mind? Let me explain. The structure I’m referring to is the underwater terrain that is only detectable after you study the surface of the water. Sometimes it’s very obvious but other times it’s quite subtle.

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Improve Casting Distance

When you’re at the beach and you throw out your best cast do you really know how far it went out? It’s very deceiving to judge distance while looking out over the water. Wouldn’t you like to know for sure?

Not to long ago my neighbor wanted to learn how to surf fish. He had plenty of experience casting with fresh water equipment but since surf casting is a lot different I needed to give him some pointers.

My method certainly isn’t original but it is effective to improve your casting distance.

At first, when you try this out, you might be surprised that you aren’t casting as far as you think you are.

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