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Surf Fishing Mindset

Hint: It’s Not Your Bait Or Casting Distance.

Do you ever feel like you’re not getting any better at surf fishing? Or you’re not progressing fast enough?

Have you ever wondered why some individuals rise to the top of their sport?

Certainly some of them have a lot of talent or seem gifted like a pro golfer or race car driver but that’s not the reason.

Although that’s important that’s not what allowed them to rise through the ranks of their peers.

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There’s a lot to learn about surf fishing but if you can just remember to apply the three C’s I promise it will make you more successful catching fish from the beach.

Is it possible that all this time you’ve been focusing on the wrong things?

Yes it could be possible if you are focusing on too many things. I say this because there’s so much to remember when you’re first getting started that it’s easy to overlook a small important detail that trips you up. Even if you’re more experienced something minor can still affect your results.

So let’s get into the 3 C’s

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This article is mostly for those surf anglers who haven’t experienced the results that they want to achieve. The Law Of Large Numbers says the more times you do something the closer you’ll get to your expected outcome. It applies to surf fishing based on the number of times you go out to try your luck. As you fish more often your level of success becomes more and more predictable and consistent.

It order to make that happen it isn’t enough to just go out and fish. Let me explain.

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Surf Fishing can be unpredictable. You never know what the fishing will be like. Of course you plan your trips around the best opportunities to catch fish but it doesn’t always work out.

Sometimes you just want to go out and try your luck. I do it myself. That’s one of the reasons I like salted baits. They’re ready to use on a moments notice. After they’re salted I keep them in a container packed in salt. They do not go bad but there is a little odor. So I keep a cover on the container. All I have to do is put some in a baggy and head out. I love the convenience factor.

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(See the content below for references in the video to my website)

You Should Be Using Circle Hooks For These Reasons

You probably already know that circle hooks are designed in such a way that they always hook the fish in the corner of the mouth but do you know why that happens?  The curve in the hook prevents it from becoming lodged as the fish tries to swallow it. Instead it slides forward and hooks them in the corner of the mouth as they try to swim away.

With a circle hook you shouldn’t try to set the hook when a fish strikes. You want the fish to take your bait and swim away with it. The fish actually sets the hook for you by swimming away. This is important because surf anglers usually have their rods sitting in a sand spike waiting for a strike. They are not prepared to set the hook on a strike and they don’t need to.

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Surf Fishing Bait

Choosing the best surf fishing bait is a somewhat of an art and a science. It’s a good idea to have more than one type with you just in case you didn’t choose the right one.

The picture above shows my good friend Larry getting bait with a cast net for a fishing trip we were planning.

Match Your Bait To The Currently Available Bait In The Surf

This almost sounds like common sense but you have to look at it a little differently.

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Run Out
The arrows in the picture above indicate how the water flows during high tide. If you have read any of my previous articles then you know the best place to set up is right in front of the rip outflow.

For the novice surf angler this can be much more difficult to locate when you are looking for it at high tide.

In this article I will show you two super easy ways to locate the best place to fish and find a rip like this at high tide.

This only works of course, if there actually is a rip.

Super Simple Method #1

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Surf Casting

First I Want To Explain Why I Prefer Braid Rather Than Monofilament

Personally I prefer to use braid rather than monofilament. Although it does cost more I like the fact that it doesn’t stretch.  Especially when you have a lot of line out. I want to know I will get a good hook set. Take Tarpon for example. They have a very hard mouth. With the stretch factor in monofilament you might not get a hook set at all. Can you imagine the disappointment. You hook a large Tarpon and it jumps once. It’s the fish of a lifetime. Then your line goes slack!

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Who hasn’t gone out surf fishing and been totally skunked. It’s bound to happen sooner or later. As you develop your fishing skills it will become easier to avoid the inevitable most of the time.

There’s a lot a variables to consider that affect whether or not you’ll catch fish on any given outing. The best surf anglers will tell you they catch most of their fish before they even hit the beach. That’s because they plan each trip to put the most advantageous conditions in their favor.

If you’ve read my other articles you know that I recommend scouting the beach at low tide for the best spots to fish. I also realize that it’s not always possible to do. Sometimes you just want to hit the beach and start fishing.

Things To Try If You’re Not Catching Anything

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