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2 Super Simple Ways To Find A Hot Spot To Fish

Run Out
The arrows in the picture above indicate how the water flows during high tide. If you have read any of my previous articles then you know the best place to set up is right in front of the rip outflow.

For the novice surf angler this can be much more difficult to locate when you are looking for it at high tide.

In this article I will show you two super easy ways to locate the best place to fish and find a rip like this at high tide.

This only works of course, if there actually is a rip.

Super Simple Method #1

In the picture below you’ll see the suds formed buy the normal action of the surf.

Surf Suds1

When you arrive at the beach play close attention to see if there’s any direction of movement in the suds. If the suds are just flowing in and out with the waves then there probably isn’t a working rip current.

Now if you notice that the suds seem to be moving parallel to the beach there could be a rip working in the area. Sometimes the movement is very subtle. You have to watch it carefully. Walk along the beach and follow the suds. You’ll be looking for a change in direction where they start to flow out away from the beach. The arrows in the picture below indicate the flow you are looking for.
Surf Suds

When you find a spot where the suds flow out, that’s the hot spot to setup.

Super Simple Method #2

Sometimes there won’t be hardly any suds to follow. That’s when you can use super simple method #2.  All you need for this method is a float or a bobber as we use to call them years ago.

Setup one of your rods with just a float and cast it into the surf zone between the beach and the incoming waves. It might take a couple tries to get it where it won’t just be pushed back up to shore.

If there’s a rip current the float will tell you how strong it is, which direction it’s flowing and where it flows out through the sand bar.

This couldn’t be any easier to do. Try it and let me know how it worked for you.

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